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SIDDHARTH aerators for the treatment of waste waters have the backing of extensive research and development work. They feature a turbine type impeller, which in addition to providing highly effective and economic aeration also ensures intensive circulation of the liquid.


SIDDHARTH aerators are distinguished by simplicity of design. It comprises of essentially a low pressure pump impeller connected by a vertical shaft to a motor reduction gearbox unit. On the underside of the impeller is an annular skirt, to which a draught tube extension can be added for applications in very deep basins. The aerator is ruggedly constructed of steel. The drive unit comprises a totally enclosed weatherproof(lP55) electric motor, mounted on a all helical high efficiency reduction gear box specially designed for the duty.


The special design of the Siddharth aerator ensures high displacement performance and minimizes the risk of clogging. By means of the impeller the outlet apertures which are approximately on level with the water surface, the water is drawn in vertically and sprayed out radially across the surface. The large quantities of water particles being sprayed into the air and agitation of the water surface effect intensive oxygen mixing, impact of the sprayed water particles on the surface induces the formation of numerous additional tiny air bubbles which through the high circulation rate are carried to the bottom of the basin and, by virtue of the long contact time, boost the oxygen transfer. These multiple functions are responsible for the high specific oxygen transfer rates.


By virtue of its simple and rugged design the Siddharth aerator is immune to troubles of all kinds and affords utmost operational dependability. Both the aerator and its drive unit have long life. Maintenance and repair costs are minimal.


i)  Fixed type Aerators

ii) Floating type Aerators

  1. Fixed aerator is normally used where it is not difficult to provide support structure and also where it is possible to maintain constant water level.

  2. Floating Aerator is an economical solution for places where support structure works out expensive such as in lagoons and also in places where tank level varies.

In addition to aeration it is also used in equalisation taken for preventing the suspended material from settling.

In case of Floating Aerators the Aerator is mounted on a structural frame which is kept floating by suitable number of M.S. epoxy Quoted floats


Fixed Aerator


Floating Aerator