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Siddharth Clarifier is a circular setting tank. Bottom of which is provided with slope towards centre to facilitate the removal of settled solids. Size of the Clarifier can be up to 50 m dia. Liquid containing settable suspended solid is introduced from centre and it flows towards periphery. Suspended solids settle down due to low velocity in the tank flow.

Rotating raker mechanism which is provided under the rotating structural platform pushes the settled sludge to collection pit from which slug is taken out. The drive unit is a combination of worm/spur gear reduction unit driven by motor.

This device can be used in effluent treatment as well as in water purification plants, for removal of suspended particles.




Clariflocculator is similar to Clarifier, but it also has a flocculation chamber in the centre and a flocculator. Flocculator is a slow speed Agitator.